Our Past Year…. Our New Year

January 1, 2018 0 By Mr. Amit Singh
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Time Flies




Before I start, I would like to wish a very Happy New Year to all of you and I hope almighty will fulfill all your wishes and fill your life with utter joy and success. As the New Year sun is rising, we are left with lots of memories of 2017, some are good some are bad and some “let’s not talk about that” kind of worst. Time flies, for me 2017 started with some good news and ended with some good news too but it was in middle which made me suffer on couple of occasions like gain in my wealth ( good thing) and gain in my weight ( very bad) but again that is a different story.

We all have failed at some point of time and lived with pain of failure. Failure is inevitable and it will come to us may be not now but later for sure. Failure and death are two certain things of life and only thing which makes failure worst is that it comes more than once in your life. But still as famous people have said we should learn from our failure and honestly you cannot learn from your death once you are dead, your are dead there is no coming back. In 2017, I am sure we all have seen our shares of failure and success too, some hearts broken this past year, some lost jobs, some lost their loved ones, and there must be some great moments, like some got married to whom they love, or birth of their first child or promotion in jobs. Every year throws a challenge when it starts but it comes with hope, hope of achieving something good  and it ends with memories, happy or sad but memories which will remain with us for a long time or may be life long time.

Well I travel through Delhi Metro for my office and I am sure at some point in your life you must have traveled through public transport may be bus, metro or train. I love Delhi metro I travel 2.5 hours a day for 5 days a week so I have no other option except to love it, but the other reason why I love Delhi metro is because you come across to lots of faces, expressions and experiences. Every single person has a story; every single individual is happy, very happy, sad or very sad. Have you ever come across to a point when while travelling you overheard other passengers and starts visualizing their life and start thinking about what they are thinking? It is all in your head nothing is real but you are still in their shoes. Everyone is talking about their personal or professional or speaking utter nonsense. Like when you overheard a guy talking to his girlfriend to give him one more chance and you quickly visualize what will you do in this situation and how you will handle. Or you overheard a guy who is upset how he not got well deserved promotion and appraisal and you quickly connect it with your own life. Or expression on a father’s face who is talking to his some relative to look for a suitable groom for his ageing daughter or a random person who is talking to his friend to borrow some money from him and he literally pleading. There are many things we hear, sometimes we just ignore them and sometimes we really listen to them. And all of sudden you realize how common and similar we all are even our life is different.

Metro runs 365 days in a year and every time you board you will hear those voices. My point is we never live a life without failure, rejection or sadness so we simply cannot stop putting efforts. My biggest failure was 3 years ago and I am still recovering from it but the good thing is I am recovering and I am trying new every day.

My pain or my suffering is mine and it has made me a strong person. So in this New Year leave all your pain, agony or suffering behind you, start fresh and live life to full. Wake up this morning with a great, enthusiasm, smile and humbleness. Embrace what comes to you and make sure your every day is delight not only for you but for your loved ones too. Achieve impossible, set high targets, focus and work hard to achieve them.  You have no time to regret for what you have done or haven’t done. Take a big step towards your future and fight every day to win.

Have a nice Year 2018. Take Care!