PM Modi’s Scathing Critique of Congress in Lok Sabha: A Reflection on Parliamentary Decorum

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Yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a highly charged speech in the Lok Sabha during the motion of thanks to the President’s address, a customary event following the President’s speech to Parliament. PM Modi’s address, his first after securing a historic third term in the 2024 general election, was marked by a fierce critique of the Congress party, notably omitting any references to other opposition parties such as the Samajwadi Party or the Trinamool Congress.

Targeting the Congress Ecosystem

In his address, PM Modi launched a scathing attack on the Congress, highlighting what he described as the party’s entrenched ecosystem. He suggested that his government would respond to this ecosystem more powerfully than ever before. Modi accused Congress leaders, particularly Rahul Gandhi, of deceit and exaggeration, even invoking the famous “Sholay” Mausi ji scene to indirectly refer to Rahul as “Balak Budhi.”

Historical References and Accusations

PM Modi did not shy away from referencing prominent Congress figures such as Indira Gandhi, Nehru, and Rajiv Gandhi to counter the party’s current stance. He accused Rahul Gandhi of lying and exaggerating facts, criticizing the opposition’s lack of bipartisan cooperation during his speech. Despite the ruling party’s patience in listening to Rahul Gandhi’s lengthy address, the opposition did not extend the same courtesy to the Prime Minister.

Disruption and Parliamentary Decorum

PM Modi’s speech, which lasted over two hours, was marred by interruptions as opposition members raised slogans and created disturbances in the Parliament. Rahul Gandhi, despite his position as the Leader of Opposition (LOP), made no attempts to control his party members to ensure a smooth parliamentary session. This behavior, Modi suggested, is detrimental to the health of India’s democracy.

Responsibilities of the Leader of Opposition

With Congress holding the LOP post after a decade, Rahul Gandhi faces the challenge of making a substantial impact in his role. His failure to maintain decorum during the Prime Minister’s address suggests a need for greater responsibility. The nation is watching, and as LOP, Gandhi must take accountability for the actions of his MPs, ensuring constructive participation in parliamentary proceedings.

The Role of the Ruling Party

While the opposition’s behavior is under scrutiny, the ruling BJP must also show a greater willingness to engage with the opposition. Over the past decade, there has been criticism of the BJP’s limited efforts to listen to opposing views. Current issues like the unrest in Manipur, NEET exams, and the tragic stampede in Hathras, UP, highlight the need for robust debate and accountability in Parliament.

A Call for Constructive Dialogue

Quoting former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, PM Modi emphasized, “Partiyan ayengi jayengi par desh rehna chahiye, is desh ka loktantra rehna chahiye” (Parties will come and go, but the country and its democracy must endure). This sentiment underscores the need for both sides to demonstrate a greater commitment to healthy, constructive dialogue.


As the new parliamentary session unfolds, the behavior of both the ruling party and the opposition will be under scrutiny. The disturbances during PM Modi’s speech offer a preview of the challenges ahead. For the sake of India’s democracy, it is crucial that Parliament becomes a forum for meaningful debate and discussion. Only then can it serve its true purpose and uphold the democratic values that define the nation.

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