Lockdown extended till 31st May. Read the guidelines here.

May 18, 2020 0 By Sonali Rawat
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Lockdown in India has been extended till 31st May 2020 as announced by The Ministry of Home Affairs. As on 17th May 2020 there are 90,927 Confirmed cases out of which 34,109 are recovered cases and 2,872 death  cases.

As central government has given states more authority to decide the format of lockdown, therefore states will decide the rules according to the situation in their respective states.

Having said that, they still have to follow center guidelines.

Direct link  to read the detailed Guidelines for Lockdown 4.0

Guidelines for Lockdown 4.0

  1. School, colleges, educational institutions and coaching centers shall remain closed.
  2. Flights will also remain prohibited, however inter-state movement of passenger vehicles and buses are allowed but with only mutual consent of states.
  3. Metro services shall remain closed.
  4. Hotels, restaurants and other hospitality services shall remain closed.
  5. Cinema hall, shopping hall, gym, swimming pools,entertainment parks,bars and auditoriums shall remain closed.
  6. Sports complexes and stadium will be opened but no spectators are  allowed.
  7. All religious places shall remain closed.
  8. Any social/political/entertainment/academic/cultural/religious function or any other function that requires any public gathering is prohibited.

Activities that are permitted with restrictions,except in Containment Zones:

  1. Inter-state movement of passenger vehicles and buses with mutual consent of state(s)/UT(s) involved.
  2. Intra-state movement of passenger vehicles and buses, as decided by the State and UTs.
  3. SOPs for movement of persons shall continue to operate.